2015 Traffic Laws

P.A. 98-870, eff. 1-1-15
625 ILCS multi 725 ILCS 5/110-15
Amends the Vehicle Code and bail provision of the Code of Criminal Procedure.
Provides that for a traffic violation that is a petty offense as defined by the Unified Code of Corrections (excludes business offenses and 15-111 overweight violations), no bond shall be required and personal recognizance/signature shall be acceptable unless prohibited by law.
Provides that if a person fails to appear for a court date, the court shall continue the case for a minimum of 30 days and notify the person at their address of record with the Secretary of State. Provides that if, on the second court date, the person has not appeared, paid in full the amount necessary to satisfy the citation, or satisfied the court that their appearance, through no fault of their own, is impossible, the court shall order the person’s license suspended. Provides that this suspension shall be entered by the Secretary of State as a Failure to Appear suspension, and that this suspension may not be lifted, nor any other permit issued to the person, until the satisfaction of the judgment against the person.