Common Workers’ Compensation Claims That Are Denied

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If you sustain an injury in the workplace or during a work event, it is best to take the proper steps to report it properly. When filing a claim, it can become stressful when employers or their insurance companies look for possible reasons to deny workers’ comp claims.There are multiple common reasons for claim denials, including the following:
Missed deadlines
In order to receive workers’ comp benefits, you must report your injury or illness to your employer right away. States have different time limits for reporting injuries and filing claims. If you miss the deadlines, your claim will more than likely be denied.
Disputes about whether injury is work-related
Your employer may claim that you weren’t working when you were injured, or that your current medical condition isn’t a result of a workplace injury. It is important to properly document your injury immediately following it to avoid this from happening.
You filed the claim after you left your job
Insurers usually deny claims that were filed after the employee was fired, laid off, or quit. Some states have special rules for workers’ comp claims filed after you left your job. If you qualify for one of the exceptions, you may be able to contest the denial.
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