Do This When Involved In A Ridesharing Accident With Uber, Lfyt, Or Others

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When involved in an accident with either an Uber or Lyft vehicle, you might be in a state of utter confusion. That happens, especially if you aren’t financially buoyant to handle the upcoming medical bills. At that moment, you will begin to wonder who will take care of the medical bills and damages. Is it the driver or the company?
Ridesharing services are increasingly becoming popular by the day, and you might want to further prepare yourself for the inevitable. So, what do you do when involved in a ridesharing accident? This article will guide you.

  1. Make Sure You’re Safe

If you’re conscious, your first action should be to call the local police and ambulance. It is to give you the necessary first aid and get you to safety. Compensation won’t matter if you end up dead, so ensure you’re safe, including others involved in the accident.

  1. Gather Pieces of Evidence

Another thing you need to do is take photos and videos of the incident. This information would help your lawyer determine which insurance company is responsible for the costs. So, get as much evidence as possible, including details like:

  • License plate
  • Color of the vehicle
  • Model of the vehicle
  • Pictures of the drivers, and
  • Their names and contact details.

Most times, trauma might cause you to forget some details. So, ensure you write down a brief description of the accident while you can still remember. That way, you keep the details fresh in mind. Identifying witnesses will also always come in handy.

  1. Report The Accident

Uber, for instance, has an option where customers can report a case of an accident. By logging into the app, you will be able to make such a report under the “Trips Issues and Fair Adjustments” page. Depending on their service, you might get a call immediately from an agent. If the police are not already at the scene, make sure you report and share the details. It would help you make a strong case regarding insurance.

  1. Get A Legal Representative

Take note that employees of the ridesharing company might not act in your best interest. In most cases, they will attempt to avoid responsibilities. That is why you need a formidable legal representative who understands the situation and is ready for justice. The best way to go about it is to get a personal injury lawyer. Your lawyer will highlight your options and advise on the next course of action.
Wrapping Up!
Although we don’t hope to get involved in an accident, preparing for the inevitable will save you tons of errors and mistakes. Speak to a competent personal injury attorney today.
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