5 Things You Need to Know About Workers' Injury and Workers' Comp

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It is easy to get confused about what to do if you sustain a work-related injury. Also, there is no known number to call, who to visit, or perhaps, report your damage. A work-related injury is scary, and no one prays to have such. But the more ready you are, the better you and your workers’ Comp would be. These five tips would guide you to ensure you don’t lose your workers’ compensation benefit.

  1. Report Your Work Injury

When you sustain an injury while working, the first step to getting the required attention is to report the work-related injury. If you don’t communicate, it is as good as such a thing doesn’t exist. Depending on your state, you might have a brief window of reporting your injury. In New York, workers have until 30 days to report their work-related injury, while Colorado obliges just four working days to receive your written notification of an injury.

  1. Retaliation from Employer Is Illegal

It is illegal for your employer to demote you, cut your pay or fire you for filing for a workers’ comp claim. If this happens, it is an employer’s retaliation and illegal. It is important to have an attorney who is experienced in workers’ compensation and can take on the case for you. Both the law and workers’ Comp protect you from any form of employer’s retaliation.

  1. Workers’ Comp Varies by State

You need to know that as long as workers’ compensation is concerned, is that it varies from state to state.  Each state’s workers’ Comp is unique. In most states, workers can choose any doctor they want, while some would provide a list to doctors to decide. These differences are worth to take note of, to avoid misunderstanding. When researching regards to workers’ compensation, ensure the resources if pertinent to workers in your state and not another.

  1. Association With The Right People

There are numerous cases where employers deny a workers’ compensation claim. Often time, this happens if the injury is not psychical. Your employer might also argue that the said injury didn’t happen at work. When you find yourself in this condition, do well to get an attorney to fight your workers’ comp benefits. You dare not slack behind, or you lose whatever compensation that is due to you.

  1. Workers’ Comp Is Not the Same As Healthcare

Many workers often think that workers’ compensation is the same as healthcare. Well, it isn’t. Think of it this way; you can choose to buy into your employer’s healthcare, while workers’ Comp is something that you trigger the moment you sustain a work-related injury. Worker’s compensation handles any expenses that would arise from the work injury, like prescription medication costs, wage replacement, medical treatment, etc.
Wrapping Up!
Workers’ compensation can be tricky at times, especially if you don’t know your rights. Ensuring your report your injury earlier is the key to getting your benefits. If you have a workers’ compensation or injury situation, reach out today for a free consultation.
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