How Social Media Updates and Selfies Can Impact Your Personal Injury Claim

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Imagine losing a compensation hearing because of an Instagram post. Sucks to be that person, right? We will be taking the time to put this important advice together for your benefit and nobody else, especially if you have an ongoing personal injury case. Being careful about what you post on social media is a priceless point that you should never forget.  While you may have heard this point numerous times in different scenarios like hunting for a job, aiming for a political post, etc., its importance in personal injury compensation cases cannot be overlooked.
Social media can be used against you
One thing you must come to terms with when pursuing a compensation case is that the tiniest bit of evidence that undermines your personal injury claim will likely be used against you if it comes to light. This is why social media status updates, selfies, and messages must be thoroughly scrutinized before you post them. You do not want the defense attorneys or insurance company using them against you to turn the case in their favor.
In personal injury cases, victims file claims for compensation so they can cover their medical bills or use the compensation as a palliative for the suffering the physical injury has caused. Whatever compensation you are trying to get, social media can water down your claims.
For example, you got injured from an accident caused by another car owner rear-ending your car, and you filed a claim for the injury. You then go running a marathon or skiing the following week and post the video on social media. This could be used as evidence, and a judge will be swayed easily to pass judgment against you. This will leave you without getting the compensation that you deserve for your inconveniences, pain, distress, and medical bills.
And if you are thinking your social media has its privacy settings turned on or that you are only sharing stuff with your friends. The hard truth is sometimes things that we do not intend to get out eventually gets out somehow. And if those content that you shared privately gets into the hands of the defense, they will use it to poke holes into your claims.
How to use social media to your advantage
There are things you can do after a personal injury accident that will help you keep your claims case on lock.

  • You should first turn on privacy on all your social media accounts so that only a few people can see what you share. Once you do that, try and resist the urge to post for as long as your case is still running. We understand that many people document their lives on social media, but at least for the sake of your case, stay away for some time. A few weeks will not hurt.
  • If you must, however, post, make sure you review your posts carefully. Do not give the impression that you are happy, healthy, and not in pain.
  • Your family and friends should be in the know. Ask them not to post anything about you for the next few weeks. Staying off social media is actually a tough task, but winning your personal injury claim is more important and makes it worth it.

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