How to Ensure you Win Your Trip and Fall Case

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Most people will suffer a slip, trip, or fall accident one way or another in life. The accident may or may not be their fault. These accidents can happen anywhere and most importantly, to anybody. Such accidents may happen on another person’s property, with the result being an injury. However, when an accident happens as a result of an individual’s carelessness or negligence, the legal rights of the affected individual are likely to be considered. Slip and fall accidents can leave victims with devastating injuries that they can and should be compensated for. Slip and fall accidents fall under Premises Liability. Premises Liability cases are raised when an individual is seriously hurt after tripping, falling, or slipping on someone else’s property because of the owner’s negligence. The affected individual could be entitled to compensation covering medical bills, and time off work. It is also possible to get compensation for the “pain and suffering” endured.

Seeking for appropriate Medical Treatment should be the number-one priority following a slip, trip, and fall accident. There’s a need for immediate documentation of the medical presentation of the injury by the Emergency department. Those medical records will be important pieces of evidence once you decide to seek compensation for the injury.

Determining the cause of the slip and fall will be the next step in ensuring you win a slip and fall case. Thorough inspection of the slip environment and subsequent analysis of the cause of the slip and fall is a good idea. This evidence would be used in the lawsuit to show that the property owner was negligent.

Irrespective of where the slip, trip, and fall accident happens, reporting the accident to a manager, owner or landlord is vital to winning a slip and fall case. Remember to get the written report of the incident from the manager, owner or landlord before you leave. Endeavour to be accurate and careful about what is said or written to ensure you win the legal rights. Also, Speak to witnesses and ask for witnesses to give a statement which strengthens your case because it provides further evidence to back up your claim. Taking photos of the scene of the accident as well as your injuries is always recommended. These photos can be used to corroborate your story and show the extent of your injuries at the time of the accident, instead of later after healing has taken place.

Decline to Give Statements beyond the reports made to the manager or the owner. It is important that one who was involved in a slip and fall remains calm and limit communication with the property owner or manager drastically. Avoid posting any details related to your accident on social media. Decline in giving a statement to an insurance company until you’ve spoken to an attorney. Do not place blame and don’t take any blame.

When considering legal action, the best person on your side is an experienced attorney. Since many slip, trip, and fall cases are complex and difficult to prove, you are best served by the resources of a successful law firm.

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