Emotional Stages To Keep In Mind During And After Divorce

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Divorce has never been a pleasant experience. It leaves each party broken, depressed and in regret. The aftermath comes with a whirlwind that can blow you off your feet if you don’t take a stand. It is true you’ve been betrayed, taken advantage of. Maybe you’re the trigger, who cares? The point of living is trying to get through whatever situation, including divorce.

You may have studied the five stages of grief while in high school or college. You know each stage by memory, but never have you thought applying them in life, perhaps until now. There is denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

There is no straight line to follow this, but have in mind that you may visit each stage several times before you completely heal. If you’re battling through a divorce now or maybe you already did, give yourself a break to recover.

There is no rush, move at pace that is comfortable. In the end, you will heal and gain acceptance. For your sake, hope it happen sooner than later.

Managing The First Three Stages Of Grief

The first stage is denial, and it seems to be everyone’s favorite. Due to the society, you might want to move through a storm by pretending that all is well. This stage could take forever for most people, and it drains one from happiness and love.

Denial is a good coping mechanism, but it doesn’t solve the problem but represses it. In such attempt, you often find yourself brewing with anger. You might hate yourself, or blame yourself for not being better. During the anger stage, you let out every anger you have lay buried inside of you.

When you attain the third stage which is bargaining, you start making attempt to undo the damages in your life. At this stage you realize that you’re not making anything better being angry, but can mitigate the situation through emotional intelligence. It is by putting on the brake to your anger will you get control of your life again.

The Last Stages Of Grief

The last stages are simply you trying to gain control of a sinking ship. You have understood the damage, and you’re certain there is a chance to undo the harm. These stages aren’t always rosy, since it plugs you into depression and hate.

The depression stage can be the most dangerous, since you might began to look for means to suppress this dark feeling. Most individuals often result to alcohol, drugs and reckless lifestyles. The duration of this stage depends on the individual. To most people, a turnaround happens when they have made even a bigger mess.

This enlightenment will immediately cause them to finally accept the situation of things. No matter what you do, always remember that life must move on, and that there are many who loves and cherish you.

Think about the kids, and the impact it might have on them. These and many more will help you to finally accept and work on making things better.

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