How To Avoid A DUI Conviction

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If you can beat a DUI conviction, it will save you thousands of dollars, time, and headache. The cost for a first time DUI conviction is pretty high, even if there is no crash. To ensure you don’t fall into this regrettable rut, here are tips that would help you avoid a DUI conviction.

  1. Don’t Drink And Drive

The first rule of avoiding a DUI conviction is by not indulging in the act. Who knows, worse can happen, and you find yourself somersaulting across a bridge. Not as if that would be fun to watch, this is why you shouldn’t drink and drive.

Though sometimes, you might hang out without prior plans to drink, and then the inevitable happens. In such a situation, call an Uber or have a friend drive you home. Nightmare is when seeing a saw blue and red lights behind you while been drunk from the few beers you had. Remember, hard evidence is hard to dismiss.

  1. Don’t Park Near A Bar

If, unfortunately, you decided by all means that you’re going to drive after having a few drinks, please avoid parking near a bar. That way, you don’t make it evident since police officers often patrol the area. Mind you; they take note of cars for the sole purpose of catching a defaulter.

Usually, they will monitor as you park near a bar. They are ever ready to wait till you’re out, and you’re behind the driver’s seat. If by some miracle, they allowed you to ignite the car, you’ve plugged yourself in an even bigger mess.  But by parking far away from the bar, you eliminate every chance of being perceived as a driver.

  1. Don’t Answer Any Question

You can apply the previous tip, only to be pulled over by a cop at another checkpoint. If pulled over and it seems the officer has enough evidence, do not panic. Calmly provide your driver’s license, registration, and also proof of insurance. If, by any chance, the officer asks if you’ve been taking a few drinks, say, “On the advice of my attorney, I choose to exercise my 5th amendment right and remain silent.” This amendment gives you the right to remain silent in the United States and not say anything that might incriminate you.

  1. Choose A Blood Test

If you’re above 21, decline to blow into any machine given to you by the arresting officer. You have the right to refuse this test, but officers don’t often make that known. They will say, “Blow into this.” Or perhaps show a kind of force.

Refuse to take the test, and opt for blood. If you opt for this option, it will make the arresting officer weeks to know the result. Before then, everything will be objective and honest. Your attorney will have the upper hand to determine a problem going by the various blood sampling processes.


To avoid a DUI conviction, do not drink and drive. But if it happens anyway, you will need a competent DUI lawyer that would ensure you avoid a DUI conviction. Contact us for a quote.