Things Everyone Should Know About Child Protective Services

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As a parent living in the US, knowing a lot about Child Protection Services will go a long way to help you not fall into their net. That means making sure that your child is raised in the right home and under a good influence.

CPS services vary from state to state, city by city, and county by county. You can easily find information regarding CPS by looking it up in your region.

When you know a lot about this organization, it gives you an edge, especially if you’re under investigation.

Here are things you should know about CPS

  1. Investigation Of Every Report

CPS is legally obliged to review every information they receive. However, there are instances where the investigation will not be carried out, especially if the report has no real foundation. Perhaps there is no evidence of abuse or negligence, thereby leading to the report not getting investigated.

For instance, a report that a boy of 13 years is left alone after school might not be considered severe unless the child has special needs or may cause some damages. If that is not the case, such a report is usually closed after investigation.

  1. No Right To Enter Your Home

CPS has no special privilege to enter your house, nor do they have the right to obtain a search warrant. You can corporate with CPS without having them enter your home.

You can allow them to enter your home; you can also choose to say no and not let them enter. Whatever you do, you are not breaking the law.

If you do allow them inside your home, you also have the right to dismiss them at any time. Allowing them to enter your home doesn’t give them any right to go through your things, like your medical cabinet.

  1. Consent Before A Drug Test

This subject is somewhat tricky, but you cannot be drug tested by CPS unless you give consent. It means they can not force you since they don’t have the legal right to do so.

However, it will be in your best interest to take the test. The way you react to a drug test matters and can make or mar you in most situations.

If you’re court-ordered to take the test, they might take your hair follicle, nails, or anything else that gives them in-depth access to your history.

  1. CPS Doesn’t Want To Separate Families

Contrary to popular belief, the aim of CPS is not to separate families but to seek the best interest of a child. There have been numerous claims that CPS workers get an absolute bonus for removing a child.

Take note that workers do not get any bonuses, compensation, or perks for removing a child. The fact is, separating a child from his family is an added work, which is something they dread.

Removing a child from his family entails more work, and no worker wants to accumulate more work other than seeking the child’s safety.


CPS is there to ensure your child grows in the right home and under responsible parents or guardians. When such is not the case, they have the right to take your child away, even terminate your right as a parent.

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