Ways to Divorce Without Going Broke

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Divorce can be expensive and can cost from $5,000 to over a million dollars. No one plans for it, nor is there a sort of joy derived from such a time in life.

Having known that divorce is expensive, what can be done to ratify this without going broke? There are numerous ways around this, and this article will go into length to educate you.

  1. The Right Lawyer

Suppose you want to avoid racking up huge bills during your divorce, than do your due diligence by hiring a lawyer that you can afford.

How much your divorce will cost you depends on your legal representation. So, you must ensure that you’re going for the right representative.

There are numerous ways to go to the ideal lawyer for your case, and one of them is recommendations from friends and family. If that doesn’t sound pleasant, numerous sites on the internet will link you with reliable lawyers in your locality.

Before settling down with a lawyer, go through previous divorce cases, and assess the winning records and cost. It will give you an idea of who you’re dealing with, whether the ideal lawyer or not.

  1. Know What You’re Paying For

After you must have gotten a good and potential legal representative, the next step is finding out what you’re paying for. Most people make the mistake of not finding out the hourly rate of the lawyer.

Don’t make that mistake, but instead, hire your lawyer based not only on experience but your budget.

You don’t want a lawyer that you can’t afford, as that will make the divorce process even harder for you. Although divorce can be pretty expensive, you can still do it without going broke.

  1. Stay Organized

If you want to file for divorce without going broke, then make it a duty to stay organized. Remember, your lawyer charge by the hour, and dumping extra work on him will attract more pay.

By handling some aspects yourself, you save money. This could entail making sure all crucial documents are arranged and properly filed.

If you have any question, group them in one email and send. It is preferable to send emails for every question you might have. When you’re organized and ready, it has a way of cutting down on the divorce cost.

  1. Consider Other Options

There are alternatives you can explore, and it will save you lots of money. They include mediation and collaborative divorce, which helps you save money by keeping your divorce away from the court.

With mediation, you’re working with a neutral third party who wants the best for both parties. As long as you and your spouse reach a consensus, you wouldn’t have to spend an insane amount of money.

Collaborative divorce, on the other hand, is done with the help of the spouse’s respective legal representative. Other personnel that may be present may include your financial adviser and therapist.


Getting a divorce without going broke is possible, provided you follow the right route and legal representative. Mediation and collaborative divorce tend to help in such regards.

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