Biggest Child Support Mistakes To Avoid

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When child support comes, some people diverse ways to pay as little as possible. Most of the time it always backfires and bites them.

Most states in the US are very transparent about these laws, like California. What determines how much you pay as child support is an incontestable, mathematical algorithm.

However, what you get or pay is always a legal-specific standard. Even at that, here are some child support mistakes you should avoid, as they will save you from fines and getting harsh repercussions on your child’s custody case.

  1. Don’t Lie About Your Income

This mistake will cost you everything; please never attempt to lie about your income for the sake of paying lesser child support. Once the court discovers you lied, which they often do, it could lead to a fine or perhaps affect your custody case.

If there are side jobs that you’re doing, you need to make them all known to avoid any penalty from the court. If you want to make a jury angry,  lie about your income. You could be held in contempt of court. Aside from that, you’ll be mandated to pay the child support arrears with interest.

  1. Report Changes In Income

If there is any update or change in your income, it is best to alert child support services to make modifications. If you experienced an income hit, it might reduce the amount you pay as child support.

On the other hand, all bonuses, raise, or side job incomes have to be disclosed. The payee can decide whether to make a modification or perhaps let you be.

Failure to report a change in your income, especially when there is more money, can lead to a heated lawsuit. Most times, ex-spouses often hire a private investigator. If the court should learn about your change of income from your ex, you probably will end up paying more.

  1. Pay Precisely What The Court Orders

Experiencing some financial downturn shouldn’t stop you from paying child support. And when you do, ensure it’s paid in full. If your ex should ask you to pay lesser due to your finances, please never accept such a suggestion.

When the court finds out that you’re not paying the amount you were ordered to pay, you will still owe them back pay with interest.

If you’re having issues with your finance, your best bet would be to apply for a child support modification. That way, you’re giving a new amount to pay, which you’ll be most comfortable with.

  1. Not Adjusting Your Budget

Most US states use sophisticated models to determine the ideal percentage a spouse should pay as child support. This mathematics calculation discovers who owes what and to whom.

It is worth knowing that child support payments are counted the minute the person responsible for child support moves out of the house. It doesn’t matter if the divorce papers have been signed or not.

There are lots of child support calculators that you can use to determine the likely payment. If you ever encounter any problem, do not hesitate to hire an attorney as they will help protect your best interest and that of your child.

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