Expert Tactics To Avoid Paying Alimony


As you may have already known, alimony can cause a significant strain on your finance, which is why many sought for various means to avoid paying alimony. Some do numerous sneaky things, like go around the pressure of alimony to relieve their finance. It is a delicate issue, and you have to treat it with care, concern, and ethics. By so doing, you avoid any legal ramifications.

A good question is: how can you legally avoid giving your ex massive funds?

  1. Avoid Paying It In The First Place

The best way to avoid paying alimony is not to make them in the first place. Some couples often opt for ways to protect themselves, usually through a prenuptial agreement. What this agreement does is disclose the assets and income of both parties. An attorney must prepare the prenuptial document, which has to be approved by a judge before your marriage.

If you don’t plan on paying alimony, you should stay clear from such an agreement, but instead, offer your spouse a substantial amount of your marital assets and a large chunk of a retirement account. By doing these, you save yourself from paying alimony, provided you keep an open-line communication with your spouse.

  1. Prove Your Spouse Was Unfaithful

Another easy and common way to avoid paying alimony is to prove that the cause of the separation was due to your ex’s infidelity. Although laws differ from state to state, the court doesn’t give cheating spouses access to alimony payments.

However, you will need to gather evidence in case your spouse denies the allegation. This is where your video and photographic evidence will be most useful. Furthermore, gather witness statements and other incriminating evidence like text messages or unusual activities you noticed.

  1. Revamp Your Lifestyle

You might want to make significant changes in your lifestyle, especially if you earn higher than your spouse. In such a case, you might want to take a lower-paying job. In other words, you need to downsize to avoid paying alimony.

Downsizing your income and living lean might be the strategy you need to avoid paying alimony. You will need to plan and budget your way through, and having a little help from a financial guru might be what you need.

  1. End The Marriage

Your state will probably determine if you’ll pay alimony or not, only by considering how long you both have been married. The longer you both stay married, the higher-earning your spouse will be given alimony payments.

If you’ve already known that your marriage will not last, end it immediately to avoid paying alimony. The longer you and your spouse stay married, the more you’re likely to pay alimony.


There are numerous strategies to avoid paying alimony, and some of them are legal and ethical. The best action depends on your situation. Also, having legal aid will ensure you don’t make mistakes while you pursue this route.

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