How To Divorce A Narcissist And Win

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Getting a divorce is never a pleasant journey, and when it involves a narcissist, it becomes even more complicated. Narcissists are self-centered individuals who are too full of themselves and boastful of their capabilities. When there is a divorce involving a narcissist, get ready for revenge cause it is unlikely that your spouse will go without a fight.

Your narcissist of a spouse might fight using the law, or perhaps other means disposable. Just like other narcissists, the world revolves around them. They have no empathy, nor do they consider others if not themselves.

So, here are few steps which you can take to beat your narcissistic spouse and win.

  1. Stay Clear Of Mudslinging

When you stoop low to your spouse’s level, you’re merely arming him or her with ammunition to which to destroy you. When you do give your narcissist spouse the shot, rest assured that he or she will use them all to fight you, even if it’s made up.

You don’t need to go the high grounds to give your spouse what he or she wants. Stay focused on your goals and bites your tongue as much as possible. By doing this, you have a greater chance of winning since your spouse has nothing to use against you.

  1. Communicate Through Lawyers Alone

If you have kids with your soon-to-be-ex, communicating through lawyers alone might prove to be somewhat hard. But if you can make it possible to communicate through your lawyers alone, you will avoid some of your spouse’s attempts to hurt or control you.

If you have kids with your spouse and want to see them, ensure you keep it centered on the kids alone. Don’t bring up issues of custody or anything related to the case. Take note that narcissists can be alluring, even if they are going through a divorce. Never let your guard down, no matter how charming your spouse suddenly become.

  1. Expect Your Ex’s Charm To Work On The Court

Remember, you’re dealing with a narcissist, and that means he or she can charm the court without much effort. Remember, you can’t always make the court see things your way. Remain clear-minded, calm, and plan with your lawyer.

Whatever happens, never try to get complacent, or maybe become too naïve for how the court responds to your side. As expected, your spouse is likely to fabricate all sorts of lies and stories, which the court might even buy considering his charm.

  1. Document Everything As Accurate As Possible

It might seem too over the top, but by documenting your interactions with your narcissistic spouse, you will be arming yourself with a formidable weapon. You can log an account on how many times he spends with the kids, and even more documentation like a simple phone call.

Although it might sound somewhat sneaky and deceptive, it is one of the strategies that will save you from a narcissistic spouse.  To ensure you have a higher chance of standing against a narcissistic spouse, you must hire the right attorney, especially one with experience handling narcissistic fellows.

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