Common Child Custody Mistakes You Need to Avoid

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Divorce can be a draining moment in one’s life, even more dreadful when it involves child custody. Due to the nature of divorce, people make numerous mistakes that hamper their chances of winning a child custody case. If you want to ensure that you don’t lose custody, there are many mistakes to stay away from. By knowing these mistakes, you will improve your chances of not losing your right as a parent.

So, here are some common child custody mistakes you need to avoid.

  1. Not Avoiding A Legal Battle

It might seem like a hard nut to crack since it will cause you to compromise. For instance, you should be ready to have split custody instead of the one you want. The outcome of such court cases is often surprising, leading to a verdict that might not interest you. In some cases, going to court is paramount. But if mediation between you and your spouse doesn’t work, you will find it hard to avoid a legal battle.

  1. Not Knowing What Makes Parents Fit

If you want to fight for child custody, you should know in details what makes parents fit. Unfortunately, most parents walk into the courtroom, oblivious of what is required from a parent. The court will look at every facet of your life, like past domestic violence charges, your social media activities, and lots of other factors. The court will do anything to represent the child’s best interest, which means ensuring that the parent is indeed fit to take care of a child.

  1. Not Having An Adequate Documentation

If you’re determined to win your child custody case, ensure you have documentations about every interaction you must have had with the other parents. It may include documentation of your child reactions, phone calls, abusive comments, odd behaviour, and some relevant and irrelevant statements. In parent with adequate documentation can be a good sign of someone observant and fit to take care of a child.

  1. Not Having A Legal Representative

Another common child custody mistake is failing to have a legal representative. Without an attorney, your chance of ever winning the case is slim. Your lawyer’s advice will go a long way to ensure you don’t make any mistake regarding your child’s custody case.

  1. Charged With A Crime

Having some legal charges in court might affect your chance of winning custody, so you should avoid trouble at all cost. Some of these charges could be a failure to pay court-mandated child support or violating court orders.

By working with a reliable and experienced attorney, you will learn the ideal approach that widens your chances of winning.


As long as you’ve been a good parent, coupled with an experienced custody lawyer, you’re likely to turn the case in your favor. By avoiding dents on your record, you have a better chance of coming out of this case victorious.

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