How To Beat An Arson Charge

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No matter how rebellious you are, strive to not listen to the voices in your head telling you to commit arson. That is a severe offense that could downturn your life for a very long time. Setting properties on fire is no Child’s Play, but you have a chance of beating it should you get caught in this web.

The consequences of being convicted of arson are frightening, like a life sentence in prison. However, the height of your punishment relies on your state and the degree of damage. An experienced and reliable attorney is also a bonus as they could help bring up defenses that you can use to bear the charge.

  1. Lack Of Intent

When it comes to proving your intent in court, it lies hugely on you since the burden of proof is very rare to meet. If you and your attorney can work out a defense that proves you never intended to start the fire, you will be able to walk away free without issue.

The persecutor cannot prove your intent due to the dynamics of human behavior. He has to be able to read your mind, which, as you know, is impossible. There is your best approach, prove you never intended to start a fire.

  1. No Evidence

Getting away with arson is pretty easy, for as long as you work with a reliable attorney. In the event of a fire, evidence is permanently destroyed in the process. Also, there are rarely people when the fire started to use as witness. It makes it difficult for the persecutor to have enough evidence to persecute you. Whatever they come up with is mere theories that cannot be proven.

  1. Expert Opinion

When trying to prove that you indeed started the fire, your persecutor will resort to science. They often consult scientists and experts in their field to get an opinion that supports their theory. The good part is, you can counter those messy sciences with another expert opinion. If your lawyer can prove that their science is false, you will have a chance of walking free.

Defining Your Win

When it comes to a case, such as arson, you have to be realistic with your expectations. What do you want? It should be a question you ask yourself. For most, they want to win with a not found guilty label. If that seems unachievable in your case, discuss with your lawyer to diverse a better strategy.

When you discover what a win is in your case, you pursue it with your lawyer. That begins by coming up with a plan that leads to that realistic result. At this moment, experience, the know-how. When everything is laid out, you and your attorney can begin executing the plan.


Beating an arson charge is not an easy process, but it can easily beat due to a lack of ability to predict intent, coupled with a lack of evidence too. When you implement the strategies lay down in this article, you should be able to walk away found guilty of no charges.

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