Five Reasons Why You Need a Personal Injury Attorney

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Accidents are very disorienting events. Asides from the physical pain, victims are mostly left with huge medical bills and an extended need for treatment, impairing their ability to work for an income.

If you have suffered a personal injury due to another party’s negligence, you can seek compensation to cover your medical costs and additional expenses. Getting the best possible outcome from this process would require you to get a personal injury lawyer near you. Hiring one early saves you unnecessary distress and allows you the chance to get a proper settlement, as you deserve

Do I Need a Personal Injury Attorney?

For a personal injury claim to be substantial, you will be required to establish that another party caused your injuries. The factors around these are never straightforward, and for this, you are better off getting an attorney to defend your personal injury claims. Here are some cases where it is needful:

  • You do not have full knowledge of your rights

If you are unsure or have questions about who should claim responsibility for your injuries, the next person to call on is an attorney. They have the knowledge and skills to fully assess the situation, render legal advice as necessary, and provide you with the information the insurance company may need to accept your claim. You may be entitled to higher compensation than what you will otherwise be offered without legal counsel.

  • You have spoken to the insurance company or the liable party.

Insurers are mostly never inclined to pay out a claim or negotiate good deals with victims without legal representation. They may use their conversation with you to impair your claims or demands. Before you contact the liable party and their insurers, it is better to first seek out an attorney and allow them to handle these communications.

  • Multiple parties are liable.

In some cases, multiple parties share liability for personal injury claims. For example, in a truck accident, you can file claims against the driver and the company they work for. An attorney is best disposed to identify these parties, collect evidence and map out a plan for getting a settlement from all liable parties.

  • Difficulty with settlement

It can be very distressing to hear that the liable parties and their insurers deny your claim. They may put forward arguments that blame you or another party for the incident. An attorney would help give information that can attest to your claim, such as finding a credible witness in your favor or putting together evidence from public records which are not readily accessible.

  • Time has passed since the accident happened.

Every state has a statute of limitations after which you can no longer file claims for personal injury, especially if you made no contact with the liable parties. This is why personal injury victims are advised to get legal counsel as soon as possible after accidents occur. If your accident happened a while ago, you would need to contact an attorney promptly to find out if you are still eligible to present a claim.

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