7 Benefits of Investing in an Expert Divorce Attorney

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An expert divorce attorney is a game-changer for your divorce proceedings. Divorces are emotionally and financially burdensome, and this is why you need excellent legal counsel and representation to help you scale through.

If you are unclear about how a divorce attorney can help your case, this article is for you. A good lawyer can pivot your case in a positive direction. Continue reading to see how.

Offering clarity and objective advice

The emotions that come with divorce proceedings are usually very disruptive and distressing. Your attorney offers logical advice and can be the primary contact between you and your estranged partner. This is necessary so that the emotional burden of your case does not cloud your judgment on things of consequence, such as custody issues.

Providing you full information

The law has technicalities that ignoring or misunderstanding will negatively affect your situation. Your lawyer will explain these unfamiliar contexts, such as a fault or no-fault divorces, spousal support, and other factors. You may even be able to annul your marriage without litigation. This can hold if you can prove that the marriage was defective due to documentation or legal requirements.

Spousal Support

You may be eligible to receive monetary support after your divorce process, especially if you require it or your source of income was put in jeopardy due to your marriage

Your attorney will help determine the extent of this support and devise a strategy for it. You may also be entitled to a portion of returns from your spouse’s business.

Marital Assets and financial issues

Your divorce attorney will speak to you about declaring all your assets. This is necessary if one spouse has control over finances and may have hidden assets and debts. In the case of debts where you and your spouse are jointly responsible for repayment, your attorney can help protect you from payments such that your spouse has more liability.

Custody Arrangement

Custody rights are very delicate issues, and to ensure it favors not just you but your kids, your lawyer can argue towards full custody or help mediate for visiting arrangements.

Filing and Documentation

Divorce proceedings come with a lot of documentation that is outrightly difficult to navigate independently. Your attorney will help prepare these documents and respond to your spouse’s legal petitions

Mediation or litigation

In no-fault divorces or cases where partners decide to split amenably, it is possible to avoid court procedures. Even if you need a court ruling to finalize a divorce, you can avoid the animosity that comes with litigation. If arbitration and mediation are possible, you will still need legal counsel to help you through the process. You can also use an attorney as your mediator. However, your attorney cannot be both your legal representation and mediator.

For no-fault divorces where litigation is necessary, your attorney will represent you and argue your case to settle disputes in your favor.

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