Are DUIs on Public Record?

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For a DUI arrestee, one of the many questions you are most likely to want answers to is, “Will this be on my record? For how long?”

DUIs are considered felonies or misdemeanors on public records. If you are convicted, your DUI charge will be on public record for a minimum of five years in some states and ten in others. Some states even have it on lifelong record.

This can be very distressing, but with a good DUI attorney, these charges can have lesser penalties. You can also have the charge expunged from public records too. Learn all you need to know here;

Fast Facts

Across the United States, 10 percent of all criminal arrests are for driving under the influence. People with no priors or a single legal problem have been busted for a DUI. You can even be arrested for DUI without being caught drinking. The parameters can be a little unclear, and this is why excellent legal representation is your best bet at avoiding a DUI conviction.

The Downsides of a DUI Conviction

If you get a DUI conviction, many things can go wrong. You may experience problems with employment, citizenship, and academic processes if you have a misdemeanor on your public record.

While DUI convictions are not readily available to the public, criminal driving history is considered part of your public record. Although criminal records may need to be officially requested in some cases, it is possible to get information by visiting a courthouse for inquiries or a public database. Would-be employers and academic programs may carry out background checks to attest to your behavior. Applications to financial institutions (for loan & mortgage applications) may also require this.

Why do you need a great DUI attorney?

DUIs can impact your life negatively and attract very harsh penalties way bigger than losing your driver’s license or having to participate in drunk driving school. You may be required to pay heavy fines, serve jail time and deal with higher than average car insurance premiums.

Different rulings exist in various states regarding how long a prior DUI arrest can stay active on your record or be used against you in court. If you are concerned about this, you will need a skilled attorney with in-depth knowledge of the law to help defend you. You may be able to acquire a plea deal and lesser penalties even if there are no chances to bag a reduced charge.

With a track record of successful acquittals, the offices of Franks, Kelly, Matuszewich, and Andrle Attorneys at Law can provide you with excellent defense to ensure the most lenient charges possible. We have years of experience representing clients like you and can assure you of dedicated legal representation. And although not an easy task, make a case to erase your DUI conviction from public record in extenuating circumstances.

If you live in Illinois and need a chance at fighting a DUI charge, reach out to Franks, Kelly, Matuszewich, and Andrle Attorneys at Law