What Is a Broken Shoulder Worth in A Personal Injury Lawsuit? 

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A personal injury lawsuit arises when an injured person suffers an injury from an accident and attempts to seek financial compensation from the person legally responsible for that injury.

The motive of a personal injury lawsuit is to get compensation for losses incurred because of the accident, including lost wages, future lost income, medical bills, possible long-term disability, pain, and suffering.

When trying to win a personal injury lawsuit, the onus will be on the plaintiff to validate that the defendant is liable for his injuries. You must prove that they were either negligent or directly responsible for your accident.

The court will only determine how much financial compensation you will be paid once liability has been established. There are different types of personal injury claims, and some of them include car accidents, medical malpractices, workplace injuries, defective product injuries, slip and fall accidents, etc. In this guide, we shall be focusing on shoulder injury cases.

Shoulder Injuries In A Personal Injury Lawsuit

The shoulder is one of the essential parts of the human body as it connects different parts. It can get twisted at unnatural angles during an accident, resulting in sprains, strains, fractures, or punctures.

A shoulder injury usually affects the joint’s tendons, muscles, and ligaments. Fractures of the bones that connect at the shoulder joint also fall under the shoulder injuries category. Shoulder injuries are usually severe injuries and can be challenging to treat. Recovery can take several months to a year. This depends on the severity of the injury. Common types of shoulder injuries are:

  1. Fractures
  2. Dislocations
  3. Contusions
  4. Arthritis
  5. Separations
  6. Tears to the rotator cuff
  7. Bursitis

What Is A Broken Shoulder Worth In A Personal Injury Lawsuit? 

The severity of shoulder injuries can range from minor to impairing. This and your chances of a decent recovery are two significant factors that can influence your compensation as a settlement.

The court can decide to award you a prize based on the cost of treatment for your injuries and the pain and suffering you had to endure. The impact on your job, loss of wages, and future lost income -if your shoulder injury is long-term and has affected your capacity to earn -can also determine the amount.

As well as the money you spent to change your home to cope with any long-term disabilities because of your injury, the level of negligence of the liable party, the state of residence, etc.

As a result of the numerous factors that you must consider before your claim gets valued, it is difficult to estimate accurately how much the plaintiff might receive. A jury is usually responsible for deciding how much money the defendant owes the injured plaintiff. One can only make a guess based on similar shoulder injury cases in the past.

If you have been involved in an accident and injured your shoulder through no fault, you can seek redress and receive compensation for your injuries. Contact us, and our team at Franks, Kelly, Matuszewich, and Andrle Attorneys at Law.

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