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David Franks, really shined during a difficult time in my life. He got changes reduced/removed and gave me a chance to drive again. 8 years since then I’ve never had another ticket, my insurance took me back, all thanks to Mr.Franks. He is one of the most honorable men I’ve had the fortune to meet in my lifetime. My hat will forever be off to your firm. Thank you for all that you do and your Naval service. -DD

James Andrle in my opinion is the best family court attorney you can hope to get in the McHenry County area. I’ve had my fair share of working with the family court systems over the last 10 years and I have worked with various attorneys. So I believe my testimony that James andrle has been the best attorney ive worked with to be a reliable assessment. He is very informative and provides you with detailed information. No other attorney that I worked with has done this for me. It really did help me understand the do’s and don’ts and how to keep yourself safe in court. He will represent you and fight for what’s fair for you. He will not give in easily to anything that is below what’s fair. He gives you detailed billing information on where your money is going. He works well with you financially which establishes a good professional relationship. I didn’t feel as if I would easily be kicked to the curb if financially I couldn’t afford everything. After I hired a James andrle there really was more of a peace of mind during my case. I would use James andrle again if I need to in family court and would recommend him to anyone dealing with a tough family Court situation. You need someone who is tough, reliable and professional when you’re dealing with a family court case because this is a time when it is very difficult. James Andrle is a lawyer you can work with. -Kylee

David Franks was invaluable in his help with my legal situation. He was an utter professional and a joy to work with. I would not hesitate engaging his services in the future. I can not think of any reason to hesitate in retaining his assistance. – Richard

As a fellow professional who deals with some of the same clients, I have nothing but good things to say about this practice. I have not used their services personally, but by talking to others who have, I can tell that they care about their clients, are prompt and interested in their work, and do a really good job. – Christopher

From the moment I spoke with Jim Andlre I knew I was in good hands. During the (long) process of my divorce, Jim walked me through and explained every detail that I encountered all along the way. He was very responsive and always made sure that I understood what was happening with my case. He always gave me helpful advice to ensure I was ok when I was un-sure about where I stood during the proceedings. If you are looking for someone that is going to put your best interest first – for you and/or any children involved and help you every step along the way, Jim Andrle is it. – Erica

David Franks was a beacon of hope and light to me during a time when i thought a resolution seemed next to impossible. Not only was he able to defend me from an unjust accusation of a DUI, but his diligence, patience and perseverance really paid off. I was cleared of all charges against me and now able to move on with my life and put this all behind me. I am eternally grateful for his service and i would undoubtedly recommend David Franks without hesitation! He is that good!! – Jason

David Franks handled my traffic tickets and did a great job. He was professional and knowledgable in every regard. I would use him again. – Bob

I obtained 5 tickets and Mr Franks was very patient as we achieved optimal results it seems.I would definitely recommend him for your traffic court – Angie

I would highly recommend James Andrle of Franks & Rechenberg, PC for your divorce and family law needs. He provided me excellent guidance and feedback during one of the most difficult times of my life. He was kind and understanding even when I was being obstinate and impatient. I hope I never have to go through another divorce, but if I do James will be my first call. – Jeremiah

Franks and Rechenberg, P.C. is an amazing law firm. David Franks was my attorney when I was in a car accident. He and his team were very helpful in laying out my options and helping me decide what to do. They were very patient with my complicated situation as I lived out of the state while most of my case was being carried out. I highly recommend! – Hailey

Mr. Frank’s helped me out get out of probably my biggest traffic stop that I’ve had. He got me out of two of my three tickets, and also got me out of traffic school. He is a great listener, very professional, and most importantly very passionate about his job which makes him a great lawyer. I would recommend Mr. Franks and his team to anyone that needs help with any traffic ticket. 5/5! – Jorge

David Franks is a great attorney, standup gentleman and the Honorable naval veteran. His kind and Knowledgeable disposition made me feel at ease while he handled My court case. He was able to bargain down my issue to a simple parking ticket. The whole time I felt I was in good hands. When we parted ways after my moment in court he told me to stay out of trouble and go forth and do good things. I believe Huginn and Muninn whisper in his ears. Honestly I think he’s a bit of an empath I have always tried to do good things and he picked up on that. If you got yourself in a bit of a pickle, David Franks is your man. – Thomas R.

David Franks clearly has a ton of experience with respect to Criminal Defense. I know who to call if I’m ever in the unfortunate circumstance of needing a defense attorney. – Rich

David Franks was fantastic, you will be pleased to have David Franks on your side. His straight forward mindset is comforting. David overdelivers on his commitments to his clients, and I surely experienced it. Don’t think twice, call David. – Jon

Earlier in the year, I was involved in an accident and received a ticket. I spoke with David Franks and we discussed my case. David handled my case brilliantly and kept me updated with the progress. The case was recently closed with the very best possible outcome. I cannot recommend David Franks highly enough. He helped me navigate through the legal process and I’m very pleased with the results. – Donna

Being new to the area and in need of legal assistance, I was fortunate in finding Mr. Franks. He proved to be personal and attentive to my needs. His knowledge and experience from both the prosecutor and defense sides is clearly evident. Your first time in court can be stressful, but Mr. Franks was dependable and walks you through the entire process. A follow-up letter was sent after each court appearance, including detail of future dates and times (if necessary). His assistant Dimitre is detailed and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Mr. Franks in your time of time of legal need. – Bob Z

I would absolutely recommend utilizing Jim Andrle and his law firm . He always gave me great advice throughout my divorce and was prompt with returning messages and always took time to answer all of my questions. Thanks for all if you help and insight Jim! – Bob

After being in a car accident that didn’t seem serious I knew I wasn’t feeling well. After a few weeks and a strange difficulty with getting the insurance to fix my car. I called around to several personal injury lawyers in the McHenry county Illinois area. Honestly, almost everyone I called sounded strange and creepy on the phone, very difficult to talk to them. Until I called Franks & Rechenberg, oh my goodness what a difference. David Rechenberg was very easy to talk to and voice my concerns to, he listened, really listened to what I told him was going on. The staff is open and friendly and made the whole process really not scary at all. I have had legal problems in the past and the insurance company tried to leverage that against me. David didn’t let them get away with that not for a moment and destroyed all logic behind the insurance company’s angle with usually less than a single sentence. Brilliant work, a real asset to McHenry county. If you’re hurt, worried about what might happen if you push back on an insurance company. Let David handle your case you don’t have to go it alone. Based on my experience it’s not worth your time if you feel like you’re seriously hurt. It’s better if you work on your injuries and let Franks & Rechenberg work on your case. Thank you so much! =) – Drew

Mr.Franks is very professional and knowledgeable. He helped me to achieve the best possible outcome in my case. Would highly recommend him to anyone without hesitation. Best lawyer ever. – Eduard

David Frank’s did an amazing job and I highly recommend him. – J Z

David Franks, he is a great lawyer, I was in a tough situation and he helped me out, and he did all was great job, I highly recommend him. – Lia

Mr. David Franks represented my teenaged son for 2 traffic violations. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome! Mr. Franks is extremely knowledgeable and explained everything clearly. When the case was presented in court, the judge was highly impressed! The judge actually made the remark to my son that he has a very good lawyer and that is indeed true! If we ever need future representation, I will surely seek Mr. Franks services again! – Peanut Butter 143

Great service, great work, go there if you looking for a great result. – Jae

Jim Andrle took over my divorce case.. He is AMAZING! If you want an extremely knowledgeable & friendly attorney, that takes his time to explain everything in great detail, who gets you quick results and just simply puts you at peace during a difficult time in your life. CALL JIM NOW!!! It’s a WIN/WIN!!!! – Brea

Thank you so much Mr. David Franks I’m so glad I chose you as my attorney to represent me. Really really great service !!!! – PK

David Franks did an awesome job. I am beyond pleased with the results. Thank you. – Samantha

I chose Jim (James Andrle, III) as my divorce attorney the day after meeting him for my free consultation. I went in not knowing what to expect, with no knowledge of the process. Honesty, I was terrified, and my life/emotions were a mess. That day, we spoke for about 45 minutes, and he took the time to explain everything in detail to me. Jim is not a fancy “suit and tie” type of guy, which made me feel comfortable and relatable. He thoroughly explained what his fees were, and how that process worked. True to his word, he gave a discount for paying in full for each billing statement, which was very much appreciated. I was Jim’s client for over a year (yes my ex wife was really crazy) and he was with me every step of the way. He responded quickly with any new information received from her attorney, and answered my questions without making me feel “stupid”. He presented me with all my options, possible outcomes, his recommendations; while at the same time reinforcing that it’s always my decision on how we were to proceed. I would absolutely recommend Jim (already have actually) to represent you during what will likely be one of the most difficult and painful times in your life. Although you’re going through a rough time, please remember to be respectful that he too has a life and needs time off of work. We all need that mental break. – Jennifer

If you need a family law attorney, then you need Mr. James Andrle. His knowledge, professionalism and dedication are second to none. He makes you and your case a top priority, fights for what is right and gets the results you need. Having Mr. Andrle represent me is the best decision I have made. I highly recommend his services. – Kyle

Great people Great service Thank you James – Tom

It was a pleasure to have Mr. Rechenberg as my attorney for my work comp case. His guidance and knowledge of the process for a favorable outcome has shown his expertise in the field. David fought for my rights, and made sure I received all monies due. He was always available to answer my questions and put my anxiety at ease. His staff was always so pleasant to work with. I highly recommend Mr. David Rechenberg to anyone seeking representation!! – Irene

Extremely good service, very knowledgeable law firm. Always keeps in contact, very informative about the process and next steps. Highly recomend David Franks. – Brian

Mr. Franks is very professional and knowledgable. He helped to achieve the best possible outcome in my case. I would recommend him and his firm to anyone needing legal advice and representation within their scope of practice. – Christopher


David Franks is an excellent attorney. He is one of the best I know at legal research. In addition, he is highly professional and polite. – Ted

David Franks was able to help me with my aggravated speeding ticket. I had never received such a ticket in my life and he was able to quickly explain the next steps and build trust in our first meeting. He is a fantastic criminal lawyer and really helped navigate this traffic ticket. I don’t even want to know the outcome I would have faced without his work. I couldn’t be more pleased to have worked with him. His services resulted in a most desirable outcome. – Steven

Mr. Franks was absolutely outstanding to work with. Going through any matter at the courthouse can be challenging but Mr. Franks was genuine in his concern and determined to help me with the best legal representation there is and he succeeded. I would definitely recommend him. His entire staff is polite and courteous. Having a lawyer who actually cares is what made my experience what it was. Thanks you Mr. Franks!!! – Steve

I had the honor to have David Franks represent me and he gave very clear steps and made my job easy. Very nice people and would reccomend 100%. – Brayden

Very friendly and want to help me – Martha

Respectful, reliable and honest service. Highly recommend! – Just

I found this firm via a Google search for McHenry county lawyers, since I was driving out of state when I was pulled over. David Franks was great at handling my case, always letting me know what the next step was. Considering I was up against a year in jail, I’m highly pleased with the results (just a fine) and will definitely be recommending this firm to any friends or family members who might find themselves in a pickle in McHenry county. If you’re reading these reviews and you’re on the fence, I highly suggest taking stock in my recommendation; as someone who’s had multiple driving offenses/court cases thereof, I couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer for this case. Thanks so much! – Katrina

David Franks has always been up front and honest with everything I have needed his office for. I would and have reccomend his services to my friends and family. We have always been on a first name basis and even after years of not needing his services he still remembers my name and what he has helped me with in the past. – Chris

I needed to use David Frank service for a personal matter and he was professional, courteous, honest and walked me through every step of the way. A very great staff that is always there willing to help. He let me know what was going happen, made no promises, and followed up to always let me know the next step. The results were great. David Franks is a very respectful, outstanding and Stellar lawyer. I recommend him to everyone. – Sally

Mr. Franks was very knowledgeable and helped me receive a very favorable outcome to my case. His staff was very friendly and helpful throughout my entire process. – Geoffrey

I was extremely fortunate to find Mr. Franks, he worked very hard on my case and has a sense of tenacity unmatched by any other lawyer I’ve seen at the courthouse. I had a rather tough case but Franks seriously saved me from it all and reduced a hefty DUI charge into a measly parking ticket. I would highly recommend. – Alex

Friendly staff, and knowledgeable attorneys. They were able to obtain a very favorable outcome for my son’s case. – Katy

From the informative easy to navigate website and the fast reply and call back to my legal advice questions, the friendly staff, Excellent lawyers. I am SO pleased with the Outstanding legal service I got from Franks and Reichenberg – Caitlin

Very dedicated staff. Nice people and Franks is extremely knowledgeable. – Alex

My experience with David Franks was great. He handled my case and kept me informed through the whole process. I knew I was in good hands. I hope I never have to use him again, but I would highly recommend his services. – Michelle

We had the best experience with Franks & Rechenberg & you really can’t say that about too many lawyers. We will definitely refer them to our friends & family. They got the job done & deserve a 5 star rating! – Pete

Dave Rechenberg did a great job helping us navigate the long process of a Workman’s Comp Claim. Without his tenacity, expertise and communication of our rights and choices, the outcome would have been much different. Thanks Dave. – Marshall

Working with F&R in the past was a pleasant and painless experience. I was given excellent counsel and got wonderful results with them. – Geoffrey

I knew the first time I met with David Franks he was the attorney that I needed! David fought very hard to win a difficult case . He always kept me informed on the progress and what was to be expected next. David Franks is experienced, direct and confident .The office staff were always polite and professional. I cant tell enough people about  – Robert

i Am happy to come to your office and happy that you won my case and want to thank you so much for everything! God bless you all! – Jovanka

I don’t know how Diane Conrad came up. But my name is Colleen Carney. I used Mr. David Rechenberg for work comp. case. Great company. Everything turned out great. Thanks again Dave and too your staff as well. Keep up great work. – Diane

Mr. Franks came highly recommended to me and he did NOT disappoint! He was very knowledgeable, persistent, loyal and kept in close contact on the progress of my case. The outcome of my case was unimaginable! I would highly recommend him to everyone and can’t thank him enough. – Laura

My life changed for the better as a result of involving Franks and Rechenberg. Franks and Rechenberg offered reliable, responsible, and relevant support throughout my case. I found myself with a significant legal issue, and David Franks provided the prompt, thorough advocacy I required to make my life right. At every turn in the case, David was my advocate. Attention to details are what still amaze me. Near the end of my case, David noticed two initials, “CF” on the final legal papers. In an effort to secure my long-term legal rights, David reminded the court that “CF” was an inappropriate status for the case and that “CM” should be assigned. This was the difference of my case being initially logged as a “Felony” instead of a “Misdemeanor”. The consequence of this legal distinction was vital to securing my professional status and minimizing future law enforcement scenarios. This example was merely one way Franks and Rechenberg helped me secure my legal rights and maintain the lifestyle I worked my entire life to achieve. Franks and Rechenberg provided legal support that was clear and decisive. – Thomas

David Frank’s guided me through one of the most difficult situations I have had to face in my Life. He got my charges completely dropped when facing serious jail time and charges. His services in and out of the court room were above and beyond. If you are looking for exceptional representation in the McHenry County David Frank’s is definitely the guy you want to fight for you. – Nick

Franks & Rechenberg did an amazing JOB they help a lot the Goal they had for my speeding ticket was a good deal and they pulled thought and did there job and they got me a BETTER deal than what the Goal was if you guys need any help with any traffic violation they are the people to go too. THANKS SO MUCH Franks & Rechenburg – Jose

The purpose of this note is to provide a recommendation for David A. Franks, Attorney, Franks & Rechenberg, P.C. I had very serious charges brought against me by the McHenry County Court. Basically, I was charged with hitting a road construction worker and failed to stop, to give aid or to report. I learned later that the worker was obligated to make a 911 call to document it as part of the job. She told this to the 911 dispatcher and she also told him she was not hurt. Still, police came to my house – five doors down from where the reported incident was to have occurred and arrested me. From my perspective, it seemed the whole thing was a misunderstanding and it seemed like the charges were being escalated. I was given 6 citations including 2 Class A Misdemeaners. David worked hard in negotiating with the prosecuting attorney and the judge to bring out the truth. David pointed out many inconsistencies in the case and over several months, there was much give and take between David and the persecuting attorney. David then recommended to me, a special conference between he, the prosecuting attorney and the judge, to which I agreed. David’s coaching was very good and this was the turning point. The final outcome was that 5 of the 6 charges were dropped and I was given 6 months Court Supervision (which is not a conviction). This meant that if I did not receive any traffic tickets for 6 months, the final charge would be dropped. I also had to pay a fine and to take Traffic School, which I did. I did not lose my license, drove for 6 months without incident, and took the traffic school. The McHenry County Traffic School administrator failed to register my completion of traffic school, so I was summoned again to appear in court. The prosecuting attorney advanced my case and David appeared in court for me again — presenting my proof of completion to the prosecutor. With this, the court terminated my case. I sure appreciated David’s respect, calm work and ability to bring this case to a close with good results. I fully endorse David Franks and recommend his counsel to anyone. – R. W. Gates

My overall experience with David Franks & legal team met all expectations…. I felt like I was in good hands when I witnessed the respect he was met with in the courtroom. David worked hard for best possible outcome in my case. Would strongly recommend his professionalism. – Steve

Franks & Rechenberg, PC are my first choice law firm in McHenry County. They are most effective and thorough. They go the extra mile. Highly recommended for legal services. – Jack

I’ve retained Mr. Franks to represent me in a handful of vehicle related violations. Admittedly, I wasn’t exactly the most responsible driver when I was younger. But in every instance, Franks represented me to the fullest extent and the results were always beneficial. He’s a very personable guy, you can tell he takes a genuine interest in his clients. I can’t recommend their services highly enough – TY

I had a great experience, that exceeded my expectations. Dave Rechenberg and his firm went above and beyond, and I felt that I was a priority to them. I received the attention one should expect to every question and concern, no matter how insignificant. They walked me through the process and were true advocates on my behalf. Dave was able to negotiate and settle my case for nearly 3 times what I was initially offered from the insurance company. I would highly recommend Franks and Rechenberg to all family and friends if they are ever in need of an outstanding attorney! – Joe

I would highly recommend Franks & Rechenberg! Dave’s expertise and excellent communication allowed for an efficient process and quick resolution. Dave’s assistant Dimitra relayed all of my questions and concerns immediately and replied to me right away which resulted in a quick low stress experience! – Angie

David Franks was a pleasure to work with during a difficult time. He was thorough and responsive. He was able to get a very favorable result in the end. Thanks, David! – Dena

I have retained services from Mr.David Franks’s office over the past 5 years. Each time has been very satisfied with their customer service And the result of my cases. The ladies at the front desk were very friendly and professional. Mr. Franks is very good at defending his clients. Thanks for winning every time!! – Julie

Finding Franks & Rechenberg was everything I could have asked for in an attorney. From their first class receptionist, who abruptly detailed me of every part of my case, to all of my questions that were relied and answered directly from David Franks. From there, with his legal abilities “David Franks” was able to get my ONE YEAR MANDATORY SUMMARY SUSPENSION THROWN OUT OF COURT. With this, was I NOW able to have my license to continue to drive this year LEGALLY, David Franks & Rechenberg also cared enough for my rights and fought to get my DUI charges dropped rightfully. My gratitude will always be here to succeed.. – EMG

David Franks helped me to reach the best possible outcome for my case. Highly recommended. – Red

Great law firm that you can trust! David Franks went to bat for me and got the results I wanted. Would recommend to anybody who is looking for a top notch lawyer to represent them! – Yeshua

David Franks is truly “The Best of the Best”. He is fair, honest and a total asset in your defense. Would highly recommend him to any and all without hesitation. I still can not believe my very favorable outcome! Thank You Mr. David Franks!! – Charles

Great Law Firm, very experienced and knowledgeable! – Steve

Very good attorney. – Robert

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