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Harvard IL 

A DUI arrest in Harvard IL is a serious matter than will change your life in ways that you cannot imagine.  The steady job that supports your family may be in jeopardy should you be convicted of DUI.  You will be impacted financially by having to pay large fines and court costs, you will suffer lost wages or even the loss of your job when your driver’s license is suspended by a Statutory Summary Suspension, and you may lose your freedom entirely if you are sentenced to jail time.  Even if you get off with a light sentence, community service will take away valuable time from your job and family.  If you are ordered by the judge to undergo alcohol or drug counseling, you will have to pay that out of your own pocket.

Attorney David B. Franks knows that people make mistakes and is keenly aware of what those mistakes may cost his clients.  As one of the best attorneys in McHenry and DeKalb Counties, Mr. Franks will fight hard to protect your rights and your driving privileges so that you can get your life back on track so that you can continue to support your family and loved ones.  Call 847.854.7700 for a free initial consultation with Attorney David B. Franks.

Attorney David B. Franks has successfully represented people arrested on DUI charges in communities such as Harvard IL, Crystal Lake, Algonquin, McHenry and all surrounding areas.

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