Hints for Your Personal Injury Case

As a valued client of Franks, Kelly, Matuszewich, and Andrle Attorneys at Law we:

1. Return your phone calls promptly;
2. Inform you of all settlement offers;
3. Explain all your legal options, make a recommendation, and then let you make an informed choice; and
4. Try to achieve the best result as quickly as possible for you.

Below we provide a few helpful guidelines regarding your case:

Dress/Attire: Clients of Franks, Kelly, Matuszewich, and Andrle Attorneys at Law should dress in a professional manner when appearing in Court. Dress as if you were attending your place of worship. Avoid blue jeans, t-shirts, tank tops, and recreational clothing. Remove any visible piercings.

Court Appearances: When you are scheduled to appear in Court, you will be screened through Court security, so leave any non-essential items in your car or at home. Wait inside the courtroom for us, where we can meet and avoid any delay in your case. Once we meet with you in court, we will handle your matter as quickly as possible.

Conduct in Court: If the Judge or Defense asks you any questions, answer by speaking in a clear voice. Do not nod your head or answer “Uh-Huh” – the Court reporter or Court recording system only records speech, and cannot record gestures. Address the Court with respect. Responses such as “Yes, Ma’am” or “No, Ma’am”, or “Yes, sir”, or “No, sir”, create a favorable impression.

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