Personal Injury

Instructions for Personal Injury Clients

While your Personal Injury case is in progress, it is of great importance that you do your part and keep your attorney fully informed.

We provide some suggestions that you will find helpful:

  1. PRESERVE EVIDENCE IN YOUR POSSESSION: Save physical objects that relate to your case, such as braces, belts or traction devices that were prescribed because of the accident.  Keep these items in your possession.
  2. FORWARD ALL BILLS: At frequent intervals send your attorney all bills related to your accident or injury.
  3. NOTIFY OF CHANGE OF ADDRESS OR PHONE NUMBER: Keep your attorney informed of your correct address and phone number (including temporary changes). It may be necessary to reach you quickly.
  4. INFORMING YOUR TEAM. Please inform us immediately if any of the following occur:
    A. Your condition worsens.
    B. You get better.
    C. You have another accident, injury, complication or other illness.
    D. You are hospitalized.
    E. You go back to work or are discharged from treatment by your doctor.
    F. You change doctors or go to another doctor or you are referred by your doctor to a specialist (please call us before you have your first appointment).
    G. Any other circumstances that occur that you think will affect your claim or your health.
  5. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU SAY: Discuss your case only with your attorney. Do not provide information to anyone except your doctor(s), without your attorney’s approval.
  6. KEEP GOING TO THE DOCTOR(S): This is very important. Follow your doctor’s instructions and treatment and do not stop seeing your doctor(s) until discharged from further treatment. FAILURE TO OBSERVE THIS MAY RESULT IN SERIOUS ADVERSE CONSEQUENCES TO YOUR CLAIM!
  7. TAKE PHOTOGRAPHS of all visible injuries that were caused by the accident, during the healing process.

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