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Dealing with the Nurse Case Manager at the Doctor’s Office

How should you deal with a Nurse Case Manager at the Doctor’s Office?

Hi this is Dave. Here to talk to you about what to do with a nurse case manage shows up at your doctor’s appointment asking you questions. A lot of times an injured worker first finds out that a nurse case is assigned to their case when they show up to the doctor’s office and the nurse case manager says hello. At this point, the injured worker usually has no choice but to go forward with the nurse case manager and if you do so, you should abide by three simple ground rules.

One, do not allow the nurse case manager in with the doctor when you’re getting therapeutic treatment. Two, only allow the nurse case manager to talk to the doctor only when you are present. And three, only ask for all of the nurse case managers reports so you can show them to your attorney.

You don’t have to allow a nurse case manager to be assigned to your case. That decision is up to you. There is no statutory requirement allowing a nurse case manager to be on your case. A lot of times, if you abide by the aforementioned ground rules having a nurse case manager will allow your claim to proceed smoother because if you refuse a nurse case manager, the insurance adjuster will assume right away that you are trying to hide something.

You should discuss whether to allow a nurse case manager on your file with your attorney or if you do not have an experienced workers compensation attorney, I suggest that you call myself at Franks & Rechenberg and speak to me regarding what to do if a nurse case manager is assigned to your file. Also I recommend that you order my free book, which you can get online by filling out the form at our website. Thank you and have a great day.

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