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Do I Go To Traffic Court If I Didn’t Get The Ticket?

You’ve Been in an Accident and the Other Driver Was Ticketed – Now What?

Hi this is Dave. Today we are here to talk about, do you need to go to traffic court when the guy that crashed into you gets a traffic ticket? Well the short answer is, no, you don’t have to because whatever happens in traffic court does not impact your personal injury car crash case.

If the defendant does plead guilty, we can use that as evidence of negligence against the defendant in your personal injury case. If the defendant stipulates to the facts and the Court finds him guilty, we cannot use that as evidence of his negligence in your personal injury car crash. So the decision kind of become up to you whether you want to go take time out of your day to go find out if the defendant does get convicted for his traffic ticket case.

One caveat, if you do go to Court it would be a good idea to try to limit the amount of testimony you give regarding how the car crash occurs. Usually your appearance in traffic court will be sufficient to induce the defendant to plead guilty to the traffic ticket.

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