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Preparing For Your Divorce Case

Hi this is Jim. I am an Attorney at Franks & Rechenberg, and today I want to talk to you about a couple of things that you might want to know in anticipation of a divorce.

Nobody can anticipate when a divorce is going to happen, but some of these items I am about to tell you might help you out if you know that a divorce may eminent or if you feel that your spouse may be leaning toward heading for a divorce.

First thing is to keep track of the items in the household.  One of the best ways to do that is to ensure that you can take pictures of every room in your house. You might wish to stand in simply every doorway to a bedroom and take a panoramic picture. Unfortunately, in a divorce case items tend to disappear from a household. If you can keep an accurate record of where items are, such as pictures, furniture, lamps, even the smallest bits of jewelry that are in your house. If they should ever disappear, you have a timeline from when they first began to disappear in the household.

Run a credit check on yourself. This doesn’t mean an attorney ever needs to see a credit check but you should know whether or not your spouse has ever added you to a credit card that is in his possession as an authorized user or simply created a situation where more debt may be outstanding to you than you are aware of.

Locate any birth certificates, driver’s licenses, or any documents regarding the children that you feel are necessary to have for the children’s well-being.  Sometimes, unfortunately, these documents as well tend to disappear from the marital residence when a divorce has been filed. Get copies of all your month bills. Anything with a dollar sign on it, such as a mortgage, a credit card payment, a utility bill. Any of these documents will ultimately be needed by your attorney to determine the asset and debt liabilities in your case. So it’s a good idea to have a starting point where they are.

And finally contact your insurance carriers. Let them know that you are going through dissolution and that you do not wish to have any of your insurance policies cancelled. Now this is not an exhaustive list.

These are simply 5 things that you can do if you understand that a divorce is either imminent or you feel that one may be forth coming or your own volition, something that you can do to ensure that your costs of your attorney may be lower upon the filing of your divorce. Thank you

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