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Settlements for Workers’ Compensation


$364,000 53 year old carpenter foreman, climbing injury, right knee replacement, Wage Differential award. Woodstock, Illinois October 2011.

$250,000, Wage differential settlement (lumbar fusion one level), 38 year old truck driver, Woodstock, Illinois – June 2008.

$242,038 65 year old male, concrete mason, right arm repetitive trauma injury, rotator cuff tear, shoulder replacement surgery, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, December 2008.

$200,000 Wage differential settlement (anterior cervical discecetomy) 48 year old truck driver Lake Villa Illinois, January 2007.

$200,000 Arthroscopic shoulder surgery, rotator cuff tear, hit by tool at work, 57 year old female, job change, Barrington, Illinois, October 2016

$170,000 Wage differential settlement. 45 year old Ambulance driver; shoulder surgery, SLAP tear & biceps tenodesis; Elgin, Illinois, January 2014

$160,000 Car Crash while working. 35 year old female low back surgery. Discectomy no fusion. Career change. McHenry County Richmond, Illinois

$144,000 Electrocution Injury with fall from ladder. Return to work without restrictions, 42 year old male, Chicago, Illinois, November 2016

$125,000 Rotator Cuff Tear with surgery. 70 year old truck driver, job change. Carpentersville, Illinois. September 2015

$145,000 Wage differential settlement, Surgery to Dominant Arm Ulnar Nerve Transposition, 34 year old female custodian, Woodstock, Illinois.

$140,000, workers compensation, 38year old male, truck driver , left elbow lateral epicondylitis, Cary, Illinois, May 2007.

$125,000 settlement 59 year old brick layer herniated lumbar disc with surgery with a return to work, West Chicago Illinois, February 2007.

$115,000 52 year old machine operator, lifting injury, Lumbar Fusion L4-5, job change, Harvard, Illinois, September 2011.

$115,000, 39 year old male, construction worker, tripped at work, right knee, medial meniscus tear arthroscopic surgery, plus anterior cruciate ligament tear, A.C.L replacement surgery, McHenry County, Illinois, December 2008.

$108,000 49 year old male printer, lifting injury, anterior cervical fusion C5-6, return to work with no restrictions, Wheeling Illinois, August 2011.

$92,000 Rotator cuff tear, full thickness with surgery. Dominant arm. 59 year old union custodian, Cook County, Illinois, February 2016.

$88,000 settlement, 37-year old male, herniated disc injury, lifting at work, Hampshire, Illinois, September 2006.

$88,000 for a 48-year old printer who fell at work and had a herniated cervical disc surgically repaired. Wheeling, Illinois, February 2006.

$85,000 plus any future medical benefits to right knee for life. Right knee replacement, 65 year old male fell at work. Lake County Illinois.

$85,000 Carpal tunnel surgery, Ulnar nerve surgery, Shoulder surgery, 54 year old female machine operator, McHenry, Illinois. February 2016.

$80,000 for a 65 year old man fell at work, Lumbar surgery. Lake Zurich, Illinois August 2008.

$77,500 for a 55 year old woman who fell at work, four(4) shoulder surgeries with a replacement., Elgin, Illinois September 2008.

$73,000 settlement 34 year old sign worker injured arm while lifting a crate at work, torn rotator cuff, right shoulder, Lake Zurich Illinois , January 2007.

$73,000 Settlement Rotator cuff tear, Lifting crate at work Lake Zurich Illinois December 2006.

$66,000.00, 64 year old male customer service person; injured lower back while lifting a grate at work; lumbar fusion (one level), Algonquin, Illinois – June 2008.

$62,000.00 rotator cuff tear. Arthroscopic surgery, return to work no restrictions, 62 year male old truck driver. Chicago, Illinois, October 2015

$61,500 Rotator cuff tear , 36 year old male laborer, Lifting at work, Surgery SLAP labral tear, Supraspinatus tear, Long head biceps tenodesis; McHenry, Illinois, July 2017

$60,000 for a 50-year old male truck driver who fell at work, causing a lumbar bulging disc and left knee meniscus tear. Woodstock, Illinois, March 2006.

$59,000 for a 45-year old factory worker with repetitive trauma – a rotator cuff tear requiring surgery. Harvard, Illinois, March 2006.

$55,000 settlement, 49-year old male, suffered bilateral eponchondolytis due to repetitive movement at work, August 2006.

$53,407, workers compensation, 44 year old male, press operator, two partially severed fingers in press machine, Wheeling, Illinois – May 2007.

$53,000 Bulging disc L4-L5, No surgery, One Epidural Steroid Injection, Physical Therapy, Return to work modified job. 58 year old Male Factory worker, Algonquin, Illinois

$52,500 settlement fracture of the lert leg, tibia and fibia, surgery with rodding through the tibia and screws. 43 year old man, Libertyville, Illinois, February 2007.

$52,226, 50 year old male, fell walking up stairs, internal derangement to the left shoulder, torn labrum, surgery including a Bankart repair and SLAP lesion repair, Algonquin, McHenry County Illinois, January 2009.

$50,000 Settlement; Rotator cuff tear with surgery, 69 year old female nurse injured pushing a machine at work. Huntley, Illinois May, 2014.

$47,000 47 year old male, Rotator cuff tear with surgery dominate arm. Right shoulder type 2 Superior labral tear. Lifting at work. Elgin, Illinois

$45,000 Torn Meniscus, arthroscopic surgery. 45 year old male warehouse worker, return to work without restrictions, Crystal lake, Illinois. September 2015

$40,655, workers compensation 73 year old female, office worker, non-displaced fracture to left hip and non-displaced fracture to left arm, Woodstock, Illinois – May 2007.

$36,000 for a 28-year old factory worker who sustained a lumbar herniated disc from lifting at work. Waukegan, Illinois, November 2005.

$34,988, workers compensation, 45 year old male, pipe fitter, right knee torn medical meniscus, Spring Grove, Illinois – August 2007.

$32,500, retaliatory discharge, fired by new employer for prior work comp injury, 50 year old male, electrician, Union, McHenry County Illinois, September 2008.

$32,427, 34 year old male dock worker, low back injury: two epidural steroid injections, and physical therapy; Cook County, March 2012.

$32,000 settlement, 43-year old female, right shoulder injury, rotator cuff tear, Woodstock, Illinois, September 2006.

$29,588, 39 year old male, carpet layer, lifting carpet, low back-herniated disc, no surgery, conservative treatment, Skokie, Cook County Illinois, November 2008.

$29,342, 43 year old male, engineer, fractured right hand with surgery, Woodstock, McHenry County Illinois, August 2008.

$28,832, workers compensation, 29 year old male, electrician, rotator cuff tear, Elgin, Illinois, October 2007.

$28,500 settlement 54 year old woman, injury to left knee, torn meniscus requiring arthroscopic surgery, return to work with our restrictions, Woodstock, Illinois February 2007.

$27,000 for a 46-year old factory worker who suffered shoulder impingement syndrome from lifting at work. Lindenhurst, Illinois, March 2006.

$26,945, workers compensation, 52 year old male, factory worker, burns to left leg when acid spilled, developed deep vein thrombosis, Round Lake, Illinois, August 2007.

$25,000, workers compensation, 32 year old female, bank teller, bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome, Niles, Illinois – November 2007.

$19,000 for an air conditioning technician with a left hand tendon injury from lifting at work. Crystal Lake, Illinois, December 2005.

$17,500, workers compensation, 52 year old female, office clerk, disputed carpal tunnel syndrome, Woodstock, Illinois – October 2007.

$17,500, workers compensation, 62 year old female, office employee, carpal tunnel syndrome, Woodstock, Illinois – October 2007.

$16,000 for a 44-year old construction worker who fell at work, suffering a non-dominant hand non-displaced wrist fracture. West Chicago, Illinois, November 2005.

$15,000 for a 33-year old grocery clerk with repetitive trauma carpal tunnel syndrome. Lake Zurich, Illinois, December 2005.

$14,000 for a 46-year old male factory worker who fell at work, causing a left knee meniscus tear. McHenry County, Illinois, November 2005.

$14,000 settlement, 38-year old male, suffered an inguinal hernia while lifting at work, Cook County, Illinois, September 2006.

$13,314, 45 year old male, inguinal hernia surgery, lifting at work, Wheaton, DuPage County, Illinois, October 2008.

$12,000 for a 32 year old man developed a MERSA infection after a small cut at work, Libertyville, Illinois July, 2008.

$9,700 settlement disfigurement case scar on lower leg, 54 year old man no surgery required, Huntley Illinois, February 2007.

$9,361, 58 year old male, boxes fell on Petition, cervical flexion injury, minor scarring on the lip, Huntley, McHenry County Illinois, October 2008.

$9,299, workers compensation, 51 year old male, hernia, Harvard, Illinois, November 2007.

$9,060, 65 year old female, pushing shopping carts at work, low back strain, Algonquin, McHenry County Illinois, October 2008.

$5,808, workers compensation, 53 year old female, machine operator, double hernia, Capron, Illinois, August 2007.

$4,500.00 for a 44-year old male who had to have two teeth repaired after he was hit in face with a cable. Antioch, Illinois, November 2005.

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