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If you’ve been injured in a Car Accident, Recieved a DUI or Traffic Ticket, Need Help With a Workers’ Comp Claim, Personal Injury Case or Criminal Charge, or preparing for a Divorce or Custody Hearing, Don’t Do it Alone – Call Franks, Kelly, Matuszewich, and Andrle Attorneys at Law First!

Collectively, Franks, Kelly, Matuszewich, and Andrle Attorneys at Law have over 75 of combined experience representing clientse in the McHenry County and the Northern IL area. At our firm, we fight hard for the rights people accused of DUI, Speeding, Battery and other criminal defenses, those who have been injured in auto accidents or at work, and those who need an attorney experienced in Divorce and Family Law.

“We are regular guys helping regular people.”

We are skilled and effective at what we do as attorneys. However, we are not one of those stuffy law firms where you’d be afraid to walk across the carpeting. We are here because we like helping regular people in extraordinary circumstances.

We are always there to guide regular people through their difficulties. We aggressively go after the other side, fighting hard to make sure our clients get as much compensation for their injuries as possible. In the case of Traffic Tickets, DUI or Criminal Defense, we make sure to protect our clients’ legal rights. We fight the insurance companies or the government so that our clients don’t have to. If you’re involved in a Divorce or Family Law proceeding, we make sure you get the best possible outcome. We answer our clients’ questions. We address our clients’ concerns. We return phone calls the same day. We provide another set of eyes on whatever our clients are asked to sign.

Often, we can improve our clients’ lives simply by being there. If this sounds like the kind of help you need, let us know. We would be happy to sit down and talk with you.

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